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Default Judgements And Your Case

MCA companies take their debt collection efforts to the next level by getting a judgment against you. If they’re able to secure a default judgment – one where the judge automatically rules in their favor. They move fast to do this, so you need an attorney who will move even faster.

At Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm P.C., attorney Dominick Dale is a staunch defender of his clients’ rights. He’s worked with New York business owners across the nation. He’s built a reputation as a tough, unrelenting trial attorney, and he’s ready to fight to defend your business and livelihood from underhanded debt collection efforts.

Is There A Default Judgement Against You?

For a MCA company, he best case scenario is filing a lawsuit that you don’t answer, and when that happens, the judge automatically rules against you. These judgments allow them to utilize bank levies and wage garnishments against you.

But why wouldn’t you respond to a lawsuit? You probably wouldn’t. MCA companies use fairly sneaky tactics to get a lawsuit against you to go unnoticed. However, those tactics, like everything else that MCA companies tend to do, cut both ways. Attorney Dominick Dale can use such a default judgment against them.

Vacating A Default Judgement

Dominick Dale does not let up and presses the court to vacate a default judgment to litigate it for real. Vacating such a judgment allows you some immediate relief to continue your business while working to resolve your debt problems.

You Must Act Fast With MCA Lawsuits

You can feel all alone as the owner of a business facing significant financial struggles. But Dominick Dale will work hard for you as your lawyer. He’ll stand with you, and you will understand what it’s like to have a fighter on your side. Call or send an email to get started.