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Merchant cash advances were meant to help you build up your business, not suck the life out of it. When your business debt is keeping you up at night, you need an experienced bulldog in your corner to safeguard your best interests. Put an aggressive, focused lawyer on your side. Talk to Dominick Dale

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Merchant cash advances (MCA) became a popular source of capital for small businesses when other established resources such as banks stopped loaning money to small startups and existing enterprises. However, many businesses have found that the practices of MCA lenders are predatory. Borrowers have consequently become trapped in a repayment cycle that they cannot keep up with and are at risk of losing control of their business ownership. Business debt can result in costly court battles, UCC liens and judgments.

Too many business owners are victimized by MCA lender contracts and embarrassment for not knowing better. Is this you? Speak to an attorney at Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm P.C. as soon as you realize your business is slipping into the grip of predatory lenders. You have options. The sooner you learn what those options are, the better for the life cycle of your business.

A Bulldog On Your Side

Dominick Dale is one of few attorneys whose sole focus is helping small to medium-sized businesses and professional practices wage a battle against the predatory lending practices of nontraditional lenders offering merchant cash advances and the unfortunate consequences of UCC liens and judgments.

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In The Financial Battlefield, You Need To Draw A Line In The Sand Against The Predatory Tactics Of Merchant Cash Advance Companies. Our Commitment Is Unwavering—Fighting For Your Business

Some MCA lenders do not let up. You need someone to fight back if you feel like you are losing the battle, the team at Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm P.C. has the experience and knowledge to help you get to higher ground. The firm’s founding attorney Dominick Dale is an aggressive lawyer who draws a hard and fast line between what feels like an all-out assault on your profit and your rights to fair lending practices.

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