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Merchant Cash Advance Lawsuits: What’s Ahead And What Are Your Options

Exploring the use of a merchant cash advance (MCA) and even getting one isn’t a problem. When you need a cash influx to meet business needs, you do what you have to do. But these advances are an unregulated area, and you can see excessive interest rates in the 300% range. It can be the first step in a bad cycle.

At Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm P.C., attorney Dominick Dale represents clients across the United States facing serious MCA debt problems. Most MCA lawsuits end up in the State of New York court. Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm P.C. appears in all 62 counties in New York State.

What Your Rights Mean In MCA Lawsuits

MCAs are for the most part unregulated, yes. This means that interest rates are huge, yes. Tactics are aggressive, yes. Approvals are extremely fast, yes. All of that builds up to mean that the business model of an MCA business is to move quickly, approve advances, and aggressively pursue you for your accounts receivable. They will, if you miss payments, file a lawsuit.

But that’s where Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm P.C. gets to work.

In order for an MCA lawsuit to work, their filings, paperwork and information must be in order. However, it is an unregulated industry, and their practices in collecting debts granting these advances are often deeply flawed. Dominick Dale takes the offensive on these, pouring over your case for every detail. In many cases, he can fight to get you a good settlement. In some cases, he can petition the state to dismiss a debt entirely due to creditor misconduct.

Do Not Delay. Contact

When you have an MCA lawsuit against you, you’re not out of options. However, time is running short. You need to turn to an attorney who will fight for you. You want a bulldog of an attorney; you turn to Dominick Dale. He’s not going to back down. He’s going to take on the toughest fight you’ve had.

Reach out today to learn more about how attorney Dale can help your business. Call 347-619-6500 or send an email using this form.