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There May Already Be A UCC Lien On Your Company

If you’ve taken out a merchant cash advance (MCA), your creditor likely served a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) lien on your customers or payment processors. At this point, the MCA company has shut your company down. The MCA company is trying to choke you into submission. But there are ways to fight back. As an experienced litigator with almost 20 years of courtroom experience, Dominick Dale, Esq. will not permit your business to get choked out. As my client, we will devise a legal strategy to fight back.

At Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm P.C., attorney Dominick Dale has built a reputation in New York as a strong, determined litigator for businesses with MCA problems. His hard-working, unflinching attitude is a major relief to business owners across the state of New York. He will be aggressive in protecting your company and your livelihood.

In the case of an MCA UCC lien, the lien may be against the accounts receivable of your company. That allows a debt collector to contact your clients and customers to recover the money owed. And that is an absolutely devastating action for your business.

How To Remove A UCC Lien

Attorney Dominick Dale will develop legal strategies to resolve the UCC Lien. The problem is many MCA companies can be slow to remove the liens they place. That, in turn, means you must act.

Reach Out To Merchant Cash Advance Law Firm P.C. As Soon As Possible

When dealing with the legal and logistical complexities of a UCC Lien, missteps and delays are the last thing you want. Attorney Dominick Dale moves fast to secure your goals and helps build a plan with you to get out from under the difficulties of any MCA-related issues.

He’s ready to get to work for you. Reach out to learn more by phone at or send an email using this form.